Text "vipevents" to 31996 to receive VIP Updates & Special Offers!

Text "vipevents" to 31996 to receive VIP Updates & Special Offers!

Hotel Concierge Section

If you have a high-end luxury hotel, we can do some business. By offering your clientele access to VIP’s luxurious entertainment packages, you’ll be going above and beyond the call of duty. We already know the type of lifestyle your guests demand, and we’re the best choice to keep them entertained in the manner they expect. After all, you’re not just selling rooms, you’re selling a good time. We have those in spades, or hearts if you prefer. We have tickets to every kind of entertainment your customers could request. We have tickets to:

  • exclusive sporting events,
  • live theater,
  • private celebrity parties,
  • concerts,
  • extreme adventures, and
  • just about anything anybody could possibly want to do that won’t get them arrested.

The best part is that you add a service charge to our entertainment packages to compensate you for your efforts. That way you can earn a nice little royalty check for giving your guests what they want—which is anything they can think of. By hooking your clients up with us, you please them and earn some extra cash. It’s easy to become a hotel concierge with VIP. Just fill out the form and you’re on your way to pleasing your best customers and pocketing a little extra cash.

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