Cars 3 Premiere and After Party

"Cars 3" Premiere and After Party

Lightning McQueen sets out to prove to a new generation of racers that he's still the best race car in the world.

Venue: Hollywood

Location: Los Angeles

Event Date: 06/10/2017

Price: Please call/Email Us


Is it just me, or did animation just take a huge leap? It must be me. I checked out the four trailers for Cars 3, and I was totally blown away. Yikes!! If I was a kid, I'd be so into these films. I'm not saying that the Disney artists from the old days were slouches. That would be ridiculous. Look at the price for one cell from an old Disney classic on eBay! Those drawings are historic.

Having said that, you have to realize that we ain't nothin' but kids filled with wonderment here at VIP Concierge. It's important to maintain the sense of wonder because after all, we're all just consumers on this double-decker, if you feel me.

So, to keep you from rupturing your rupturables, we're letting you know that we have tickets to the U.S. premiere. That means you have them as well. We'll see you there without a doubt.

WOW!! That was refreshing, don't you agree? They say you need 2 inches of water to drown, but I think they don't know what they are discussing, if they are discussing anything at all.

At about this time in the film, number 95 has had it all with Cruz Ramierez trying to advance his legacy. Racing is starting to become tough for Lightning McQueen, as he is one of the oldest race cars on the race track and a generation of new rookies are coming into the racing world. For Lightning to prove that he is still a top racer, he is going to need help from an eager young female car named Cruz Ramirez. He's not quitting until he shows that he is still a top racer.

If you want to be walking the red carpet on June 10 in Hollywood, the car capital of the world, let us know. We'll hook you up. And, because we're so much in focus, we even have tickets to the after party, where the actors and artists and everybody involved with the film will be enjoying a well-deserved celebration of their accomplishment. Tickets will be going faster than a nitro-burning car, so don't waste time. Get your passes to the film's premiere and the mega after party today. June will be arriving in just a few weeks, and once we sell these tickets, we won't be able to get any more.

Give VIP Movie premiere ticket a call to verify your tickets. Then, put the receipt in the corner of your bedroom mirror and wait--which is the hardest part of all.


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