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Comic-Con San Diego & Parties

Get your Comic Con San Diego 2017 tickets for the ultimate VIP experience. San Diego Comic Con International is probably one of the biggest Comic Conventions ever. It's technically a convention about comic books!

Venue: San Diego

Location: Other

Event Date: 07/19/2017; 07/20/2017; 07/21/2017; 07/22/2017; 07/23/2017

Price: please check price table

Ticket Type Price Tickets Available Must be sold in Pairs? Action
2017 Comic-Con Badge
$1190.00 (Per Person)
Entertainment Weekly Party (Saturday, 9PM)
$1990.00 (Per Person)
NBC Party (Saturday, 7PM)
$1790.00 (Per Person)
HALL H PASS (Saturday Only)
$1250.00 (Per Person)


2017 Comic Con Credentials Now On Sale!

What started as a comic book convention is now the "largest convention of its kind in the world," according to Forbes magazine. It's like Revenge of the Nerds times 10,000. Sure, it's still a comic book convention, and it celebrates all things related to comics like films based on comics, video games based on comics and the very authors and artists who made comic books the mainstream entertainment option that it has become.

If you're reading this, or if someone else is reading it to you, you probably know all about the show, so you don't need me to be preaching to the choir. In fact, if you're checking out this announcement that VIP Concierge already has credentials for next year's Comic Con in San Diego, you probably were among the masses who were at the convention this year, and you had yourself a bang-up time.

Comic Con is to spare time as the annual South by Southwest bash in Austin is to indie music. In fact, indie film producers and artists and writers all get their ten minutes of fame. Who knows what the future holds for these acorns of creativity? That's what is so great about this festival. The long-established legends are revered, the new kids on the block are given respect and a good time is had by all.

The passes that we have are for access to everywhere, including preview night. We also have tickets to the best of the best Comic Con parties. And, we have them now, so you can be sure you'll be there next year.

You'll see more super-heros and up-and-coming comic book writers at this convention than any other convention in the world, guaranteed.

Last but not least, certainly, are the people who come in costume. In 2016, there were so many people dressed as Harley Quinn that it resembled a Harley Quinn look-alike festival. Artistic and devoted--that's how to describe people who go to the convention every year. And you can bet that many, many of the attendees have dreams of their own success in the entertainment world.

We've got them now. They won't last long. It's very difficult to get these, but we did, and now you can. Check the details for Comic Con passes in the table below.



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