2017 Guys Choice Awards

2017 Guys Choice Awards

The Guys Choice isn't the typical Hollywood awards show honoring the same celebrities and categories viewers always see.

Venue: Sony Studios (exact date TBD)

Location: Los Angeles

Event Date: 06/10/2017

Price: please check price table

Ticket Type Price Tickets Available Must be sold in Pairs? Action
"Guys Choice Awards" Table Seating (open bar) - Includes Pre Reception and Dinner
$2990.00 (Per Person)


If this latest cold weather snap hasn't made you long for June, this will. Spike TV's Guy's Choice Awards are coming, and we have tickets to the June 2017 hoopla. You can be the envy of your crowd, your family and even people you meet at the zoo by buying your VIP Guy's Choice Awards tickets early. Carry your Guy's Choice Awards tickets in your wallet for proof that you're going to the biggest guy-centric award show of the year.

Show everyone that you'll be in the green room for the party and on the floor for the show itself. Tell them about all the crazy guy categories there are. This is not one of those stuffy awards shows your parents made you watch when you were a kid. This one is irreverent, zany and more fun than shooting bottle rockets off the school bus (which we did, and it was fun, until the bus driver told the principal.)

Check out these categories. "Funniest M.F.," the "Brass Balls" award and "Jean-Claude Ghad Dam". There are also some hormone-driven awards like the "Biggest Ass Kicker," "Most Dangerous Man," "Decade of Hottness" and "Our New Girl Friend." Someone must have had their tongue stuck permanently in their cheek when they came up with those. No matter. This is one show that runs on testosterone and a little booze. No oil needed, unless it is used on the models before they get their photos taken.

And guess where this celebration of the Y chromosome in all its insensitive, immature glory is taking place. That's what makes it fun! No whining. No grousing. Just male bonding and hearty laughter. OK, there may be few macho or sexy references thrown in, but that's because that's all men think about! It's in Los Angeles, heartland of all that's misanthropic and weird.

We think about it too, here at VIP Concierge. Oh, yes, we do. That's why we gather up Guys Choice Awards tickets early. We want to be sure all our loyal clients can be assured of their spot at the show.

So why shouldn't there be an awards show dedicated to dudes? There should be, and there is. Everybody else has an awards show--kids, actors, teens, musicians, other musicians, even more musicians, so why not all the crazy, funky guys? There's no better reason than, that there is no reason.

Don't miss it. Get your 2017 Spike TV's Guys Choice Awards show and After Party tickets now. Then slowly scan the horizon like our hunter ancestors. The day is drawing near. And of course, it's all going down in Hollywood. Why wouldn't it?


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