2018 Kids Choice Awards

2018 Kids Choice Awards!

This is your "once-in-a-lifetime" opportunity for 2018 Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards tickets, when kids honor their favorites from the worlds of film, music, sports and television in a star-studded live telecast...

Venue: Los Angeles, CA (estimated date, exact date TBD)

Location: Los Angeles

Event Date: 03/11/2018

Price: please check price table

Ticket Type Price Tickets Available Must be sold in Pairs? Action
200 (Upper) Level Seating
$990.00 (Per Person)
100 (Lower) Level Seating
$2490.00 (Per Person)
Floor Seating
$4490.00 (Per Person)
Slime Pit (VIP Section in front of Floor for kids 10-14)
$3990.00 (Per Person)
VIP Pre Party (Friday; lots of celebs)
$2490.00 (Per Person)


Buy Tickets to Get Slimed at the 2018 Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards

Fantastic, brilliant, lovely are a few words that we at VIP Concierge use to describe the 2018 Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards. It's a popular annual event where the young elite gather to celebrate and get slimed by some sort of green substance. Attendees say that the event is cool, amazing and so much fun, whatever that means.

Wow, the tone of this article is completely wrong. Can we get the writers to redo this? The Kids' Choice Awards are for children. It says it in the name. We aren't selling these tickets to Tony Blair.

Fine, here we go: The Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards are splashy, outrageous, awesome, remarkable, unbelievable and incredible, dude. There will be totally cool performances from your favorite singers, "Hello, Demi and Selena." You'll see huge stars give and receive those cute blimp trophies. Did you know that the slime recipe is a secret, but kids everywhere are making their own versions? At the office, we prefer the recipe with Jell-O. The show's executive producer Jay Schmalholz said that the trend of kids making their own slime is awesome. At Nickelodeon headquarters, people work all year developing new slime recipes and delivery techniques that will surprise celebrities. Seriously, it is a job. At the award show, nobody is off limits, including the host. You can get slimed too with VIP tickets to the 2018 award show.

Your mom already believes that kids grow up too fast. She knows that you're only a kid once and that childhood is fleeting. She also knows that you need to make the most of your teen and pre-teen years by going to enriching events. You take piano lessons, you see live performances on Broadway, and you go to the Kids' Choice Awards. If your mom makes you take out the trash, wash the dishes or do the laundry, you can get even by begging for tickets to the 2018 award show, which takes place at Southern California's coolest arena. If she made you do chores that were even worse than these, you have our permission to go into full-blown "I want it!" mode.

Here's another strategy that we recommend. Try leaving your phone or computer browser on this page when your parents are in the room. Even better, advance to the checkout page, so they can buy the tickets right away without thinking too much. You could also print this webpage and casually place the copy somewhere that your parents are bound to look. They are guaranteed to take the hint. We can't guarantee that they will buy the tickets for you, but it's really easy. Just checkout online or give us a call to reserve your spot on Nickelodeon's green carpet.

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