American Idol 2016 Finale VIP Tickets FINAL SEASON

American Idol 2016 Finale VIP Tickets! FINAL SEASON!

Don't be one of the millions watching it on TV, be in the audience with American Idol VIP tickets and watch history in the making. Who will be the LAST AMERICAN IDOL?

Venue: Dolby Theatre

Location: Los Angeles

Event Date: 04/07/2016

Price: please check price table

Ticket Type Price Tickets Available Must be sold in Pairs? Action
Upper Level (3rd Balcony) Seating (Thursday Grand Finale)
$2290.00 (Per Person)
Mid Level (2nd Balcony) Seating (Thursday Grand Finale)
$2990.00 (Per Person)
Lower Level ( Floor, Parterre, or 1st Balcony) Seating (Thursday Grand Finale)
$4490.00 (Per Person)
$1.00 (Per Person)
$1250.00 (Per Person)


Last call for VIP Tickets to the Finale of American Idol's Final Season

The year 2016 will be known for a few things, mainly Donald Trump and the end of American Idol. We swore it wouldn't happen, which just goes to show that we're right about most things, but occasionally, very rarely, we are wrong. It is too late for American Idol to rule primetime forever, but there's time for you to get VIP tickets to the finale of American Idol XV.

If you've been putting it off and telling yourself that you'll make it next year or the year after that--snap out of it! Are you a TV fanatic? Do you love American Idol? Do you call yourself a true fan? If you agree with any of these statements, you have to find your place among the teeming masses screaming for the lasses and lads as they battle it out for American Idol glory. You have to be in the audience for the final finale of American Idol. You will go down in history.

It's your last chance to retain super-fan status. Actually, you'll have two chances to get your American Idol tickets from VIP Concierge. That's because, as you already know, the finale takes place over two days, April 6th and April 7th, 2016. We did the heavy lifting. All you have to do is buy your tickets and get ready to scream really loud.

VIP Concierge is your first choice for tickets to all things fantastic. You'll be able to watch as the finalists have one last chance to become the next Kelly Clarkson, Adam Lambert or William Hung. Sometimes the fan favorites win, and sometimes they don't, but it's always exciting, no matter who wins the competition.

At this point, it's hard to say who the next champion will be, but you can be part of the moment if you get tickets to the grand finale. In fact, anybody who thinks they're a fan of American Idol is only fooling themselves unless they attend this all-out event. It's where dreams are dashed and stars are made, and there won't be any event like it.

VIP Concierge is proud to offer hard-to-find tickets to the most popular events every year. We've made it our business to get the tickets that others only wish they could get their grubby hands on. Once we have American Idol final tickets, you have them too. All you need to do is get down to the Microsoft Theater for two nights of excitement. Who will be the ultimate American Idol in the farewell season? You'll be the first to know if you get your American Idol tickets right now.


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