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If you want a serious movie award show, there are plenty for you to attend. Maybe the Golden Globes®, the SAG Awards® or the Oscars® are on your to-go list. But if you prefer making fun of the films that made you laugh, even if they weren't supposed to, the MTV Movie Awards is the show for you. Unlike the aforementioned examples, this movie award show never takes itself too seriously. It's easy to get excited about this Hollywood gem, but you probably want to fast forward ahead to the who, what, where, when and why.

Since the last item has already been answered, let's move on to MTV Movie Awards 2015 tickets. Firstly, it's probably easier to say who won't be there. Any celebrity, comedian or theatrical star with the cool stamp of approval is sure to be there. Anyone who isn't cool probably won't. What about the what? Sure, the show honors the year's best movies by bestowing golden popcorn trophies on the most deserving candidates. Before they win, the nominees are subjected to some royal humor and parodies featuring funked-out celebrity cameos. The where and the when are easy. The red-carpet gala is happening at the ultimate star-studded venue, the Nokia Theater at the L.A. Live entertainment complex in downtown Los Angeles. When? April 13, 2015, tentatively.

Whether the schedule changes or not, fans can expect the show to open with a bang, literally. This award show has been known to open with fiery explosions before jumping into a pre-filmed ensemble parody that bashes every nominee. In addition to the wild jokes and rib-poking jabs, MTV Movie Award Tickets attracts a mile-long string of celebrity presenters. It's one show where Oscar® winners get to hand out trophies to less deserving candidates who are receiving MTV-style recognition for their comedic performances, work as the year's best villain or perhaps the prestigious MTV Trailblazer or Generation Award. Because the important award shows are already over by the time MTV gathers the nominees, they can do whatever they want. However, in the end, it's up to the fans to decide who deserves to grab a bucket of golden popcorn. It's up to you to grab your MTV Movie Award Tickets.

Anyway you slice it, MTV Movie Awards 2015 tickets are funny and irreverent. To achieve this level of smart-assed humor, you need a host who can handle the fire and really dish it out. That's why folks like the wild Aussie Rebel Wilson and the master of strange humor Conan O'Brien have been recent selections. Even if Conan only appears to briefly reprise his body stocking-aided parody of Magic Mike, the audience will be happy. The MTV Movie Awards might be funny when you watch them at home, but MTV Movie Awards 2015 Tickets are better. If you don't believe us, find out for yourself, and get your VIP MTV Movie Award tickets.


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Event Date : 04/12/2015
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