2015 MTV Movie Awards!

Golden Tickets and Popcorn at the 2015 MTV Movie Awards

Grab your inhaler, and prepare yourself for a wild ride at the king of raucous, irreverent award shows, the 2015 MTV Movie Awards. This springtime event is the ultimate film fest for the under 25 demographic and film fans who are young at heart. The epic fun happens in June 2015 in Los Angeles. If you have tickets, you and your guests will be whisked through the gates and onto the lot where the filming and award ceremony take place. Of course, you can only enter like a movie star if you get your award show tickets right here. VIP Concierge will have you living it up and walking down the red carpet at the 2015 MTV Movie Awards.

MTV has been handing out Golden Popcorn awards for nearly two decades, and they're actually getting good at it. These coveted bucket-shaped trophies are handed out for Best Performance, Best Film, Best Villain and a host of quirky and unusual categories like the short-lived and under-populated Best WTF Moment category. In addition to the Golden Popcorn trophies that are awarded for popularity among teens, the MTV Movie Awards always include a sprinkling of performances from a few hand-picked A-listers. Mark Burnett of "Survivor" has produced the show since 2007, and he's really kicked it up a notch. If the man can turn a back-stabbing catfight into an Emmy-nominated smash hit, he can certainly produce a killer award show.

The 2015 MTV Movie Awards is the award show where the host is hilarious, the presenters are outrageous and the stars wear jackets, T-shirts and mini-skirts. If you're a fan of films and celebrities, then this is the award show for you. Don't miss a minute of fun! Get your 2015 MTV Movie Award tickets now so you can sit back and chill when the gilded kernels are handed out. Go with VIP Concierge and find out who gets the gold before everyone else.

Venue : Los Angeles, CA (exact date TBD)
Location : Los Angeles
Event Date : 06/07/2015
Price : please check price table
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