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The Awesomeness of Attending a Movie Premiere

So, you want to know what it's like to attend a movie premiere. That's a great question with a pretty awesome answer. There's so much to experience at a movie premiere that it's hard to know where to begin.

First, a movie premiere is like a candy shop full of Hollywood celebrities, debutantes and high-power executives who've made everyone's favorite films. Then, there's the world premiere of a movie that could make history. Of course, there are also those crazy after-parties where everyone is offered free champagne. Oh yeah!

Being among the first in the world to see a movie is more than cool. It's bleeping amazing! Here's a quick run down of the process.

1. Dress your best.

2. Bring a date.

3. Grab a camera.

4. Channel your Hollywood personality.

5. Make a grand entrance.

6. Walk the red carpet like you own it.

7. "Accidentally" bump into one of the Coppolas.

8. Bolt yourself to the seat for a thrilling world premiere.

9. Have a barrel of fun at the after-party.

10. Pose for photos with your favorite celeb.

11. Brag to your friends. (Although, we don't think it's bragging if it's true!)

There's enough star power at these events to give most people a third-degree burn, but we know that you're ready to handle the heat. Remember to be yourself and have fun! Just don't do anything that we wouldn't do, and you'll have a great time. Browse through our catalog to reserve movie premiere tickets and passes to the most exclusive after-parties on both coasts.


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