Oscar Parties!

Just because you weren’t invited to the 87th annual Academy Awards® show doesn’t mean you can’t go to the prestigious after-parties or glamorous viewing blowouts. All it takes is a ticket, and VIP Concierge has them in spades. After all, it is the most highly anticipated awards show in the universe, and the parties are world class. You can see and be seen with the most exalted and prominent actors of our time, but only if you buy yourself some tickets. Oscar® Sunday is February  22nd, 2015, so if those doomsday Mayan calendar rumors don’t come true, it’ll be a night to remember. Here are four big-time parties that are so bodacious, you’ll almost feel guilty attending them. Almost.


Elton John’s Oscar® Viewing Dinner/Party is as classy as a party can be, and all you need is a ticket to attend it. The chic soiree is in West Hollywood at the Pacific Design Center. We don’t have a lot of tickets, but we have enough for you and your posse. At the bash, you’ll see plenty of folks from all over the world. The best reason to attend the get-together is that all proceeds benefit the Elton John AIDS Foundation. You can have a great time and feel righteous doing it. Last year, Harrison Ford, Calista Flockhart, Goldie Hawn, Victoria Beckham, Kate Beckinsale and Sharon Stone showed up for the glamorous event for a good cause. Elton and his band always have some tricks up their sleeves. This year will be no exception.


The Night of 100 Stars Oscar® Viewing Dinner/Party is a star-infested black tie whoop-de-doo that you don’t want to miss. Entertainment industry execs, film stars, TV actors and financiers assemble at the Beverly Hills Hotel on famed Sunset Boulevard to let it all hang out. Some 200 celebrities will be in attendance—201 if you go. This is a famous party that is about as good as they get. Expect to see about 50 previous Oscar® winners and nominees. We only have a few tickets to this gathering, so make your move soon.


The Weinstein Brothers love to throw a party. For the Academy Awards, they throw two. The Pre-Oscar® Party is  at the Soho House on West Hollywood’s Sunset Boulevard, which is just down the street from the Beverly Hills Hotel. You could go back and forth between the Night of 100 Stars® and this party. You might even win an Oscar® for Best After-Party Partier. This blast takes off at 9:00 and runs until 2 in the morning. Only a couple hundred people get invited to Bob and Harvey’s exalted Oscar® viewing get together. Among those who got together last year were Leonardo DiCaprio, Katy Perry and actor’s actor Meryl Streep. There’s an open bar, of course. What else would there be?


The next day Weinstein Brothers head from the Soho House over to their second fiesta in one weekend and yet another bash on the Sunset Strip at the Mondrian Hotel. Their Oscar® After-Party, like the Pre-Party, has an open bar and an open-air lounge. Many of the stars that hit the Pre-Party go to the Weinstein’s After-party too. After all, who can get enough of a good thing? Maybe you should find out how good Harvey and Bob are at throwing a regal blowout.


Make the Oscars® a night you’ll never forget. Try one or all of the delicious after-parties. They taste great and are less filling.


Venue : Los Angeles, CA
Location : Los Angeles
Event Date : 02/22/2015
Price : Please email or call for Pricing
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