Oscar Parties

Oscar Parties!

Attend some of the hottest Oscar parties in Hollywood!

Venue: Hollywood, CA

Location: Los Angeles

Event Date: 02/26/2017

Price: Please contact us details.


Just because you weren’t invited to the 2017 Academy Awards® show doesn’t mean you can’t go to one of the prestigious Oscar parties or glamorous viewing blowouts.  All it takes is a ticket, and VIP Concierge has tickets to the hottest Oscar parties in spades. After all, it is the most highly anticipated awards show in the universe, and the parties are world class. You can see and be seen with the most exalted and prominent actors of our time, but only if you buy Oscar's Party Tickets for yourself. Oscar® Sunday is approaching for 2017, so if those doomsday Mayan calendar rumors don’t come true, it’ll be a night to remember.

Make the Oscars® a night you’ll never forget. Try one or all of the delicious Oscar after-parties. Oscar after party tickets taste great and are less filling.


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