2017 Teen Choice Awards

2017 Teen Choice Awards

Hollywood's hot young stars come out to play at the Teen Choice Awards. Celebrities such as Hillary Duff, Justin Bieber, The Jonas Brothers, Jessica Simpson, Paris Hilton, and more...

Venue: The Forum at Inglewood (exact date TBD)

Location: Los Angeles

Event Date: 07/30/2017

Price: please check price table

Ticket Type Price Tickets Available Must be sold in Pairs? Action
MEZZANINE (200 Level) Seats, Side Sections
$390.00 (Per Person)
LOGE (100 Level) Seats, Side Sections
$790.00 (Per Person)
$1490.00 (Per Person)
FLOOR SEATS (First 15 Rows)
$2190.00 (Per Person)
VIP FLOOR SEATS (First 10 Rows)
$2995.00 (Per Person)
VIP FLOOR SEATS (First 5 Rows) (Be up close and personal with the nominees plus other celebrities!)
$3990.00 (Per Person)
VIP MEET/GREETS (Mingle up close with the nominees and celebrities; contact us for details; must purchase floor seats or better with us)
$2550.00 (Per Person)
RED CARPET AUTOGRAPH ZONE (red carpet viewing and autographs; does not include walking red carpet)
$1150.00 (Per Person)
OFFICIAL AFTER PARTY (Experience a fun atmosphere with some of the stars from the show and other celebrities)
$1490.00 (Per Person)
RED CARPET (See and be seen! Walk the red carpet like a celebrity! (must be purchased with other Teen Choice item; cannot be purchased alone)
$1990.00 (Per Person)


Buy VIP Tickets. Join the Movement. Support the Teen Choice Awards in 2017.

Many important issues face the world today. Families argue. Newscasters interview experts. People can't stop talking. But at the end of the day, it all comes down to one thing. Are you pro-choice? Pro-Teen Choice that is. If not, you should be. No other social movement supports life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness in such a powerful, overarching way. It also guarantees certain unalienable rights to today's tweens and teens, such as the right to have fun. Boatloads of the stuff. The F-word will be flying around. Calm down. We're still talking about fun.

Parents, aunts and uncles and generous grandparents have one question. What makes the Teen Choice Awards so much fun? The answer is what doesn't? Hello! Full-sized surfboard trophies with colorful graphics. The fans make it fun, and the stars make it spectacular. In late July 2017 (exact date TBD), the Forum will be graced by today's hottest celebs and teen heartthrobs. We're talking about, for example, the R5, Five Seconds of Summer, Bella Thorne, Sarah Hyland and Tyler Oakley. Plus, Little Mix is performing. There are even a few special guests who were born before 2000, like, such as, uh, Ellen DeGeneres, Britney Spears, Jack Black and Vin Diesel. Moms think he's hot. Some do, but we just said that to gross out you teens.

Alright, back to nagging the parents. Kids grow too quickly, so let them live it up. Disneyland/World was fun. So was Six Flags, but after going every summer, the kids are bored. Hey, and if you get tickets to the Teen Choice Awards, you can skip the Nickelodeon Kid's Choice Awards next spring . . . or not.

Did we mention that the 2017 Teen Choice awards show is educational? Yep, it teaches kids about the importance of voting. Before you know it, they'll be driving and doing jury duty. You know what a drag all of that adult stuff is. Parents, you earned a night of teenage fun, and we can hook you up with VIP tickets and after party passes that will take you back in time in the immediate future. So, here's how you get tickets to the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards.  View the 2017 Teen Choice Awards tickets below. Select the most extravagant package possible, and call us to reserve your place. After that, just decide what to wear.



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